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  • Drop down lists (25)

  • How to automatically add new items to a drop down list
    A drop-down list in Excel prevents a user from entering an invalid value in a cell. Entering a value that […]
    How to filter chart data
    What if you want to show a selection of a data set on a chart and easily change that selection? […]
    Prevent duplicate records in a worksheet
    This article demonstrates how to set up Data Validation in order to control what the Excel user is allowed to […]
    Compare data in an Excel chart using drop down lists
    I will in this article demonstrate how to set up two drop down lists linked to an Excel chart, the […]
    How to build an interactive map in Excel
    This article describes how to create a map in Excel, the map is an x y scatter chart with an […]
    Highlight group of values in an x y scatter chart programmatically
    I will in this article demonstrate how to highlight a group of values plotted in an x y scatter chart […]
    Run a Macro from a Drop Down list [VBA]
    This article demonstrates how to run a VBA macro using a Drop Down list. The Drop Down list contains two […]
    How to change cell formatting using a Drop Down list
    This article demonstrates how to apply different cell formatting to a cell range based on a Drop Down list, column […]
    Prevent overlapping date and time ranges using data validation
    The picture above shows an Excel Table with Data Validation applied. An error dialog box appears if a user tries […]
    How to use an Excel Table name in Data Validation Lists and Conditional Formatting formulas
    This article demonstrates different ways to reference an Excel defined Table in a drop-down list and Conditional Formatting. There are […]
    Populate drop down list with filtered Excel Table values
    This article demonstrates how to populate a drop down list with filtered values from an Excel defined Table. The animated […]
    Use a drop down list to filter and concatenate unique distinct values
    Question: Is there a way to have a unique list generated from a list? Meaning I have a sheet that […]
    Add or remove a value in a drop down list programmatically
    This article demonstrates how to add or remove a value in a regular drop down list based on a list […]
    Use a drop down list to display data in worksheet header [VBA]
    Aynsley Wall asks: I have a spreadsheet that I use for 3 different companies. What I would really like to […]
    Apply drop-down lists dynamically
    This article demonstrates how to automatically create drop-down lists if adjacent data grows, there are two methods explained here. The […]
    Dependent drop-down lists in multiple rows
    This article demonstrates how to set up dependent drop-down lists in multiple cells. The drop-down lists are populated based on […]
    Basic invoice template
    Rattan asks: In my workbook I have three worksheets; "Customer", "Vendor" and "Payment". In the Customer sheet I have a […]
    Use a drop down list to search and return multiple values
    I will in this article demonstrate how to use a value from a drop-down list and use it to do […]
    Change chart data range using a Drop Down List [VBA]
    In this article I will demonstrate how to quickly change chart data range utilizing a combobox (drop-down list). The above […]
    Change PivotTable data source using a drop-down list
    In this article, I am going to show you how to quickly change Pivot Table data source using a drop-down […]
    Dependent drop down lists – Enable/Disable selection filter
    Josh asks: I have this working right now with 6 drop downs/lists. I wanted to see if you possibly know […]
    Create a drop down calendar
    The┬ádrop down calendar in the image above uses a "calculation" sheet and a named range. You can copy the drop-down […]
    Invoice template with dependent drop down lists
    This article demonstrates a basic invoice template I created. It lets you use dropdown lists to quickly select products on […]
    Create dependent drop down lists containing unique distinct values in multiple rows
    Sharmila asks: How can i use these list for multiple rows? I would like to use these lists for multiple […]
    Apply dependent combo box selections to a filter
    Josh asks: now if i only knew how to apply these dependent dropdown selections to a filter, i'd be set. […]
    Create a drop down list containing alphabetically sorted values
    This article describes how to create a drop-down list populated with sorted values from A to Z. The sorted list […]
    Create dependent drop down lists containing unique distinct values
    This article explains how to build dependent drop down lists. Here is a list of order numbers and products. We […]
    Populate drop down list with unique distinct values sorted from A to Z
    Question: How do I create a drop-down list with unique distinct alphabetically sorted values? Table of contents Sort values using […]

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