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How to solve simultaneous linear equations in Excel

This article demonstrates how to solve simultaneous linear equations using formulas and Solver. The variables have the same value in […]

Optimize pick path in a warehouse

  As you probably already are aware of I have shown you earlierĀ a vba macro I made that finds the […]

Cash drawer bill extractor

Question: I need to setup a template to remove the largest available (Qty and denomination)bills and leave exactly $150 back […]

Using Excel Solver to schedule employees

This is a question I found at the bottom of this page Using Solver to schedule your workforce Bank 24 […]

Find positive and negative amounts that net to zero

I found this excel question: I am a Controller in a multinational company. We have many transactions (sales, credits, debits, […]

Identify numbers in sum using Excel solver

Here is a useful feature I recently found googling for Excel solver examples. I have summed some random values from […]