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How to copy every n-th row from a list
This article demonstrates a formula and a VBA macro that returns every n-th row from a given cell range. The […]
Copy data from workbooks in folder and subfolders
I will in this article demonstrate a macro that automatically opens all workbooks in a folder and subfolders, one by […]
How to copy non contiguous cell ranges
If you try to copy multiple cell ranges on a worksheet that don't have the same number of rows or […]
How to quickly select blank cells
In this smaller example, column D (Category) has empty cells, shown in the picture above. If your column contains thousands of […]
How to add a macro to your Excel Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the very top of your Excel window, I highly recommend that you place your […]
Opening a workbook runs a macro automatically
This article explains how to set up a workbook so a macro is run every time you open the workbook. […]
A dialog box is an excellent alternative to a userform, they are built-in to VBA and can save you time […]
Multiply numbers in each row by entire cell range
This article demonstrates a recursive LAMBDA function and a User Defined Function (UDF) that multiplies numbers in each row with […]
How to save specific multiple worksheets to a pdf file programmatically
This article demonstrates macros that save worksheets to a single pdf file. What's on this webpage Export all worksheets in […]
Find cells containing formulas with literal (hardcoded) values
This article describes different ways to locate literal or hardcoded values in formulas. The image above shows the result from […]
Find the most/least consecutive repeated value [VBA]
This post Find the longest/smallest consecutive sequence of a value has a few really big array formulas. Today I would like to […]
How to create a list of comments from a worksheet programmatically
Did you know that you can select all cells containing comments in the current sheet? Press F5, press with left […]
How to copy Excel tables programmatically
The image above demonstrates a macro linked to a button. Press with left mouse button on the button and the […]
How to highlight row of the selected cell programmatically
Today I would like to share with you these small event handler procedures that make it easier for you to […]
Customize the ribbon and how to add your macros
Save links to your favorite macros in a personal tab on the ribbon for easy access and become more productive. […]
Working with TEXT BOXES [Form Controls]
There are two different kinds of text boxes, Form controls and ActiveX Controls. Form controls can only be used on […]
Show / hide a picture using a button
This article explains how to hide a specific image in Excel using a shape as a button. If the user […]
Hide specific worksheets programmatically
This article demonstrates techniques to hide and unhide worksheets programmatically. The image above shows the Excel window and the worksheet […]
Click a cell to make a column hidden or visible – VBA
What's on this page Press with left mouse button on a specific cell to hide/show entire column Where to put […]
How to use the Scroll Bar
This article demonstrates how to insert and use a scroll bar (Form Control) in Excel. It allows the user to […]
Highlight date ranges overlapping selected record [VBA]
This article demonstrates event code combined with Conditional Formatting that highlights overlapping date ranges based on the selected date range. […]
Count text string in all formulas in a worksheet [VBA]
I will in this article demonstrate a macro that counts how many times a specific text string is found in […]
Locate a shape in a workbook
This article demonstrates how to locate a shape in Excel programmatically based on the value stored in the shape. The […]
Working with FILES
In this blog article, I will demonstrate basic file copying techniques using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I will also […]
How to change a picture in a worksheet dynamically [VBA]
Rahul asks: I want to know how to create a vlookup sheet, and when we enter a name in a […]
Move a shape [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to move a shape, a black arrow in this case, however, you can use whatever shape […]
Run a Macro from a Drop Down list [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to run a VBA macro using a Drop Down list. The Drop Down list contains two […]
Hide specific columns programmatically
This article describes a macro that hides specific columns automatically based on values in two given cells. I am also […]
Copy worksheets in active workbook to new workbooks
This article demonstrates several VBA macros, they will save you time if you have lots of worksheets. The first macro […]
Copy Excel Table filter criteria programmatically
I will in this article demonstrate a macro that copies criteria from one Excel Table and applies them to another […]
Excel calendar [VBA]
This workbook contains two worksheets, one worksheet shows a calendar and the other worksheet is used to store events. The […]
Extract cell references populated with values [VBA]
This article demonstrates a macro that returns cell references for cell ranges populated with values on a worksheet. Jinesh asks: […]
Sort values in a cell based on a delimiting character
This article demonstrates a macro and a formula that allows you to sort delimited data in a cell or cell […]
Create new worksheets programmatically based on values in a cell range [VBA]
This article demonstrates a macro that inserts new worksheets based on names in a cell range. The cell range may […]
How to create an interactive Excel chart [VBA]
This article describes how to create an interactive chart, the user may press with left mouse button on a button […]
Sort values in an Excel table programmatically [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to sort a specific column in an Excel defined Table based on event code. The event […]
Prepare data for Pivot Table – How to split concatenated values?
This article demonstrates a macro that allows you to rearrange and distribute concatenated values across multiple rows in order to […]
Search two related tables [VBA]
This article demonstrates a macro that automatically applies a filter to an Excel defined Table based on the result from […]
Create comment if cell value is larger than column
It can sometimes be helpful having a large cell value in a comment. You can then easily hover over cell […]
Change chart series by clicking on data [VBA]
The image above shows a chart populated with data from an Excel defined Table. The worksheet contains event code that […]
Excel template: Getting Things Done [VBA]
In this article, I am going to demonstrate a simple workbook where you can create or delete projects and add […]
Normalize data [VBA]
To be able to use a Pivot Table the source data you have must be arranged in way that a […]
Add values to worksheets based on a condition [VBA]
This tutorial shows you how to add a record to a particular worksheet based on a condition, the image above […]
Add values to a two-dimensional table based on conditions [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to place values automatically to a table based on two conditions using a short macro. Cell […]
Add or remove a value in a drop down list programmatically
This article demonstrates how to add or remove a value in a regular drop down list based on a list […]
Open Excel files in a folder [VBA]
This tutorial shows you how to list excel files in a specific folder and create adjacent checkboxes, using VBA. The […]
Toggle a macro on/off using a button
This article demonstrates how the user can run a macro by press with left mouse button oning on a button, […]
Automate data entry [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to automatically enter data in cells if an adjacent cell is populated using VBA code. In […]
Apply drop-down lists dynamically
This article demonstrates how to automatically create drop-down lists if adjacent data grows, there are two methods explained here. The […]
How to log when a workbook is opened and closed [VBA]
This article demonstrates how to automatically create log entries when a workbook opens or closes using event code. Column A […]
Auto resize columns as you type
Excel does not resize columns as you type by default as the image above demonstrates. You can easily resize all […]
Copy a dynamic cell range [VBA]
In this blog post, I will demonstrate some VBA copying techniques that may be useful if you don't know the […]
List all open workbooks and corresponding sheets [VBA]
In this post, I am going to demonstrate how to automatically create a new sheet in the current workbook and […]
Basic data entry [VBA]
In this small tutorial, I am going to show you how to create basic data entry with a small amount […]
List Excel defined Tables in a workbook [VBA]
The following macro inserts a new sheet to your workbook and lists all Excel defined Tables and corresponding Table headers […]
Working with COMBO BOXES [Form Controls]
This blog post demonstrates how to create, populate and change comboboxes (form control) programmatically. Form controls are not as flexible […]
Change chart data range using a Drop Down List [VBA]
In this article I will demonstrate how to quickly change chart data range utilizing a combobox (drop-down list). The above […]
Filter an Excel defined Table based on selected cell [VBA]
In this post I am going to demonstrate how to quickly apply a filter to a table. I am using […]
Populate a combobox with values from a pivot table [VBA]
In this post I am going to demonstrate two things: How to populate a combobox based on column headers from […]
Add values to a regular drop-down list programmatically
In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add values to a drop down list programmatically in […]
Filter an Excel defined Table programmatically [VBA]
In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to filter an Excel define Table through a VBA macro. How it […]
Populate a list box with unique distinct values from a filtered Excel table [VBA]
Excel defined Tables, introduced in Excel 2007, sort, filter and organize data any way you like. You can also format […]
Populate a combo box (form control) [VBA]
In this tutorial I am going to explain how to: Create a combo box (form control) Filter unique values and […]
How to add a custom-made item to the shortcut menu [VBA]
This post describes how to add a new custom-built item to the shortcut menu in Excel, when you press with right […]
Select cell A1 on all sheets before you close a workbook [VBA]
This post demonstrates a macro that automatically selects cell A1 on each sheet right before you close a workbook. The […]
How to save custom functions and macros to an Add-In
Macros and custom functions are great, they can automate many tedious tasks. To have them available whenever you need them, […]
Use text qualifiers to make text to columns conversion easier [VBA]
This blog post describes how to insert qualifers to make "text to columns" conversion easier. Example I copied a table from […]
Create a Print button [VBA]
This article describes how to create a button and place it on an Excel worksheet then assign a macro to […]
Select and view invoice [VBA]
This post demonstrates how to view saved invoices based on the invoice number using a userform. The userform appears when the […]
Populate listbox with unique distinct values [VBA]
This post demonstrates how to: Insert a button to your worksheet Assign a macro to the button Create a basic […]
Edit invoice data [VBA]
In a previos post:Excel vba: Save invoice data we added/copied data between sheets. This post describes how to overwrite existing […]
Save invoice data [VBA]
This article demonstrates a macro that copies values between sheets. I am using the invoice template workbook. This macro copies […]
Consolidate sheets [vba]
Question: I have multiple worksheets in a workbook. Each worksheets is project specific. Each worksheet contains almost identical format. The […]
Rearrange values based on category [VBA]
In this post I am going to rearrange values from a list into unique columns. Before: After: The code Get […]
Split data across multiple sheets [VBA]
In this post I am going to show how to create a new sheet for each airplane using vba. The […]
Calendar with scheduling [vba]
Here is my contribution to all excel calendars out there. My calendar is created in Excel 2007 and uses both […]
Create a unique distinct list using Advanced Filter in a macro [VBA]
Question: hi all, thanks for the great formula/array formula. it works great. lately, i noticed that the array formula will […]
Identify missing numbers in a column
The image above shows an array formula in cell D6 that extracts missing numbers i cell range B3:B7, the lower […]

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Lets the user work more efficiently by showing a list that the user can select a value from. This lets you control what is shown in the list and is faster than typing into a cell.
Lets you name one or more cells, this makes it easier to find cells using the Name box, read and understand formulas containing names instead of cell references.
The Excel Solver is a free add-in that uses objective cells, constraints based on formulas on a worksheet to perform what-if analysis and other decision problems like permutations and combinations.
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Lets you quickly summarize vast amounts of data in a very user-friendly way. This powerful Excel feature lets you then analyze, organize and categorize important data efficiently.
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