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How to use the ARRAY function [VBA]

The ARRAY function creates a Variant variable containing array values. The macro above populates variable MyArray with values Cat, Dog […]

How to use the LBOUND and UBOUND functions

The Lbound and Ubound functions calculate the size of of an array. The Lbound returns the lower limit of an array and […]

How to use the JOIN function [VBA]

The JOIN function concatenates a set of substrings in an array, the image shows a user-defined function entered in cell […]

How to use the SGN function [VBA]

The SGN function returns an integer that shows the sign of the number. Argument SGN returns Number greater than 0 (zero). […]

How to use the FIX function [VBA]

The FIX function removes the decimals from the argument. Excel Function VBA Syntax Fix(number) Arguments number Required. Is a Double or […]

How to use the INT function [VBA]

The INT function removes the decimals if the numeric value is above 0 (zero) and returns a negative integer less than […]

How to use the SPLIT function [VBA]

The picture above shows a user-defined function (UDF) that splits the string in cell C3 using a delimiting character ",". […]